Islamic Jinn Spirits

Islamic Jinn Spirits

Jinn spirits, which are more commonly referred to as genies in the western world, often associate or influence physical individuals, but their attendance is only limited. In reality, Jinn spirits are tied to another plane and they attend to their activities in that dimension much in the same way as we do in ours. Today the uninitiated often think of there being, at most, two planes: the physical embodiment in which we live and a spiritual one where we exit to when our mortal body dies. However, although different systems may have their own measure and terminology, the current general consensus is that the planes exist at seven levels. Jinns though are most frequently found at the etheric, astral and higher dimensions according to the strength of their spiritual development.

Because in folklore many traditional tales have presented us with stories incorporating genies, lamps and wishes, in contemporary society we often believe Jinns to be servile in nature and waiting around to be released and perform the required magic. Yet the real truth is that the characteristics of Jinn spirits are closely related to those of humans: Jinns can be smart or stupid, they can be good or bad, but one thing most have in common is that in general they have an innate lack of trust in humans and this is why it has to be built upon before relationships can be formed. Because of this mistrust, here, at Astral Magick, we emphasize the importance of performing rites and mantras when transferring energies to overcome such problems. What we have found is that often, although not always, Jinns will simply refuse to associate with an individual who has not taken the time or shown the intention to build a relationship of trust and so we take great care to ensure transference is completed satisfactorily to meet the requirements of the jinn concerned. It always has to be remembered that Jinn Spirits, much in the same way as humans, don’t simply welcome any stranger into their world.

Yet there are other ways in which Jinn Spirits lives resemble that of those in the physical world: they have families to care for, daily duties to perform and they have to work to provide their needs. They too, just like humans, find obstacles arise which not only disrupt their lives but also cause irritation and annoyance.

Jinns also, as spirit entities, are like humans in that they follow their own spiritual path. As one might follow a particular religion in the physical world, then so too Jinns follow their path of choice in the spiritual. Some of these paths we find to be more preferable to others, and since it is said that Mohammad was the one to teach Jinns, we still believe today that these entities are ones which consistently display a higher standard of beliefs and practices and which also, in general, are found to exist on a higher plane of spiritual development. Because of this, and the fact that the results show Islamic Jinns often perform with higher standards of behaviour and hold superior standards of ethics and trust, we provide these spirits as they are easier to work with for both us and our practitioners.

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