Ashta Siddhi Mantra Old Proven Maa Kaali Evil Eye Removal Talisman Necklace

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Ashta Siddhi Mantra Old Proven Maa Kaali Evil Eye Removal Talisman Necklace

Curses, evil eye, tantra, mantra, voodoo, hoodoo, tribal magic, ceremonial magic, demonic magic, satanic magic and every single solitary and combined forms of black magic will not be able to touch you. If you are already impacted, this will be removed, returned to sender and unable to harm you ever again. You will be insulated from ALL future attacks.

 It gives full protection from the following types of beings: 

  • bhoots

  • pretas

  • rakshas

  • asuras

  • hadals

  • jakhins

  • chetkins

  • pishachas

  • black serpents

  • mantriks

  • angry ancestors

  • djinn

  • psychic vampires

  • astral magicians

  • beings from the lower hell regions

  • beings from hostile upper planets

  • and all types of created magical familiars and servants

The energy of the Divine Mother, in Her Dakshina form, is so potent and expertly called into the kavach you will feel freedom from spiritual oppression instantly. You need not wait for any rituals to be performed, any planets to move into position or any mantras to be recited. It will act instantly and spontaneously.

Not only will you attain liberation, totally and completely from spiritual attack, you will also be protected across a broad range from unpleasant events, enemies, legal issues and other setbacks.

You should obtain this kavach IMMEDIATELY if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

Great efforts not met with success

Loss in business or no advancement in career

Lack of good opportunities

Legal problems, civil or criminal complaints and debt collection

Harassed by your enemies, a victim of gossip and unpopularity

Are met with frequent or sudden dis-ease

Become accident prone

Experience uneasiness, restlessness and unhappiness

Have nightmares, sleep disturbances or attacks

Disturbed by unnatural sounds and events in the home

Have constant concern and worry

Do not suffer under the effects of enemies and black magic another day. Come under the direct protection of Kali Ma and receive Her ongoing blessings in all areas of your life.

Dakshina Kali will be with you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in all situations and circumstances. You will be shielded and sheltered by Her energy. Her holy presence will transform you and usher in an new era of positivity and prosperity.

Dakshina Kali's powerful kavach will remove the clouds of darkness that have enveloped your life for so long and empower you to achieve your greatest in all areas. Success will touch all that you do and all areas of life will see a measurable improvement.

Our kavach is constructed only upon order and made by properly qualified, duly initiated and strict brahmins who have been trained since youth in the intricacies of mantra recitation and puja. All is done within the sanctity of the holy ashram and under the direct supervision of the resident sannyasis and gurus.

When the kavach arrives, you should take shower, put on fresh clothing and face East. \. Remember, the kavach is already active and needs nothing on your part. This simple mantra ritual simply shows Ma your appreciation for what she will do for you! In addition, chanting the mantra will unlock your true spiritual powers and give you siddhis in other areas.

Afterward, wear the kavach as much as possible. It will never become unclean, need further pujas or require rituals to re-energize. Good for life really means GOOD FOR LIFE!

When ordering, please provide the following information in the notes to seller sect

Name as given at birth

Current city and state

If your nakshatra and gotra are not known, there are substitute mantras which can be used in their place when chanted the sankalpas.

The holy kavach will arrive fully insured with signature confirmation. 

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