Millionaire In Less Than 3 Months ~ 100% Guaranteed Magick White Pendant RARE!!

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Millionaire In Less Than 3 Months ~ 100% Guaranteed Magick White Pendant RARE!!
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Millionaire In Less Than 3 Months ~ 100% Guaranteed Magick White Pendant RARE!!

For all my Buyers - Beware some etsy Sellers and their website copy our listing, Descriptions and photos & sell fake items at cheap rates,we dont have any other branches online.

Absolutely stunning large handmade distressed/vintage pendant, truly one of a kind in this world - Containing absolutely staggering wealth drawing, money attracting, and strong success energies - Exactly 2,120 elite, master level professional spells were cast on to this glorious pendant over a 57 day period!!

Become a Billionaire? Yeah right, give me a break. How could that be?

This sensational metaphysical offering will change the way you live your life forever. We 100% guarantee that the powers within this pendant will make you a millionaire, or even... Yeah, a billionaire.

It is a massive attractant of all things centered around prosperity - Win the lottery over and over again, win when gambling, win at the casino, win over and over on scratch tickets, find money in unexpected places, receive unexpected payments in the mail. Become a beacon for wealth, and live the life you desire to live.

Some think that items like this are nothing more than pieces that are prayed upon, that are focused upon to create a tangible result. I want to dispel that notion. The process of conjuring these energies, and literally placing them *inside* of a physical piece like this is far, far more intricate, and involved than simple prayer.

Energies exist vibrantly around us all at all times. We, as people omit energies. The earth omits energies. The sun, stars, moon, and cosmos omit powerful energies. Here is a situation we have all been in. Imagine you are in a room, and someone walks in to that room, and their energy as a person changes the dynamic, or the "feel" of that room. We've all heard it said about someone before that "when they walk in they just light up the room" with their attitude, their positivity, their ENERGY.

Now, imagine that same concept on a much larger, more scientific, and more powerful scale. We, as professionals harness and create energies that are very, very specific - To create good, to create wealth, or happiness, to create physical changes to the body, and/or mind, etc. We create these energies, securing them from naturally occurring sources (the aforementioned sun, cosmos, moon, earth) and we put them inside of the item we are offering.

The energies lie dormant until they reach you. Once the pendant arrives all you must do is set aside a small amount of time each day, even as little as 1-2 minutes where you can sit quietly, hold the piece, and let it's energies enter your body and spirit. It's that simple! In that quiet time simply visualize your life for what you desire it to be. See wealth, see vacations, homes, cars, see excitement, adventure, see it all, watch it play in your mind like a movie. This simple process shows the energies within this incredible offering what it is that you desire so that they can begin creating it as a reality for you.

By accepting this dynamic piece of magic in to your life there were only two possible outcomes: 1) You become wealthy, or 2) You get your money back with no questions asked, and no hassle. We have cultivated the world's most dynamic, and proven magick for years. There is a reason we have 100% perfect feedback. We've proven it over, and over again. Our reputation and feedback are what they are for a reason - Because we deliver on our promises.

The dedication that it took for us, as a Coven, to cast an amazing 2,120 individual spell castings on to this pendant is something I am very, very proud of. It's with immense pride, and an immense sense of accomplishment that we offer this one of a kind metaphysical treasure to you via an unrestricted, one time only auction. May the person that desires this most emerge victorious, and then go on to live a lavish life, filled with comfort, spoils, toys, vacations, amazing properties, and so much more. More so than anything, though, may they live with the PEACE that comes from wealth.

The pendant is a one of a kind, handmade piece of art. It is about the size of a "sand dollar", relatively large. It absolutely can be worn if you wish, but it doesn't have to be in order for it to be effective. It is perfectly suitable, and equally powerful for a man or a woman.

All items we sell are shipped anywhere in the world via USPS 1st class mail. We're happy to offer free shipping to those within the United States. For our International buyers we charge less than the cost of the shipment, just enough to help fray the cost a bit.

All sales are backed by a full, no questions asked money back guarantee. If at any point you feel this spirit isn't the right fit for you, or if you're dissatisfied for any reason we will gladly accept her back, and provide you with a full refund. We want you to have peace of mind in making this choice.

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions about this item! You can enter in to this purchase with the utmost confidence that you have absolutely nothing to lose, but oh so much to gain.

I'd like to share a little bit about our mission, who we are, what we do, and what it all means for you - We are a gathering of professional spell casters, psychic mediums, alchemists, magickal practitioners, and collectors of advanced, and elite paranormal curiosities. Our work, on your behalf, is 100% guaranteed.

We practice peaceful, balanced white light magick only. NO black magick, NO voodoo. Our magick is the safest, and most balanced of energy work. There will never be any negative side effects, imbalance of karma, and we do NOT draw away from others to provide for you. We work within your own energies to produce your desires.

I'm sure you may find yourself wondering: What is magick, and what do we offer? Magick is another word for transformation, creation, and manifestation. Wicca magick is a tool we use to act on the subtle - or energy, or quantum - level of reality. The quantum level is the causal realm. It is the subtle influences at the quantum level that decide which way reality will go for you in your future.

Whether you are viewing one of our expertly created items, or one of our relics the essence of purpose, manifestation, and creation through energy use remains the same. These items are creations that hold very specific, precisely created energies that, once they enter your life will sync to your spirit, and will "go to work" so to speak to create the reality discussed in the listing. These are not just passive novelties, this is very serious, legitimate energy work that can and WILL change your world for the better.


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