Enchanted Agni Dev Wish Granting Yajna Kunda

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Make your requests a reality! Tested and proven effective.

The ancient since of fire offerings dates back to the very dawn of time. Used for tens of thousands of years because itWORKS..

Can be used for any form of the Divine, or simply in a general way to put the devas into action for you!

Why pay hundreds of dollars for various homas when we now offer you the opportunity to do it yourself? No experience of brahminical initiation needed. The blessings done on the yajna kunda allow your offerings to pierce the material coverings and be received on the higher planes!

Yes, you can even offer complex prayers and kavachas into the fire. The energy will be released and start to act for you. One can even offer written mantras. By burning in the yajna kunda, the energy of the mantras will be released into your environment.

No matter how difficult your problem, the Enchanted Agni Dev Wish Granting Yajna Kunda can help!

Whatever petition you offer to the Gods via the sacred fire WILL be answered

Finally, have your deepest wishes and dreams come true

Manifest wealth

Increase your power

Overcome enemies

Remove black magic

Set up a wall of protection

Sending healing and blessings to others

Increase health and happiness


This specially prepared yajna kunda has been constructed to resonate perfectly with Lord Agni, the causal plane and constructive current of the devas. Enchanted with secret passages from the four Vedas which allow Agni to accept the offerings made and manifest them into your life.

The yajna kunda is the perfect size of 3” x 3” so that it can easily be left on your altar or to travel with you.

Simply, write down your wish or desire. Place a small piece of camphor into the Enchanted Agni Dev Wish Granting Yajna Kunda and light. Recite a simple secret four word Agni mantra once and place your petition, prayer or wish into the fire. That's it!

Can be used over and over.

We had only two made and energized in South India. Act fast, this rare oppurtunity for an acharya blessed Enchanted Agni Dev Wish Granting Yajna Kunda will not last long!

The buyer will receive:

Enchanted Agni Dev Wish Granting Yajna Kunda


A piece of camphor to get your started

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