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THIS Magical Pod Obtained by a sannyasi of our ashram directly and in-person from the powerfully reputed LAKSHMI GANESH TEMPLE KURUKSHETRA .   This ultra-rare botanical grows only in one location in the Himalayas and blooms for just one week each year.  While in bloom, it is brought to the temple and offered to Devi.  Afterward, it is dried and energized with 1 year's worth of mantras and pujas. Only then, is it brought back out and offered to the most senior devotee present the following year. 


It is renowned and coveted by all who know of its innate power and supernatural spiritual ability to draw massive amounts of wealth like a magnet.  Over the generations, the Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod has been sought after in order to:


- Attract wealth

- Draw money from every possible source

- Multiply and increase your wealth

- Give promotions

- Increase business 

- Make you lucky at games of chance 

- Influence others to gift you money 

- Make you rich 

- Surround you in luxuries and opulence 

- Make every business endeavor a success

- Create new opportunities to get ahead

- Multipies your investments 



The Old Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod not only attracts the wealth, but sustains it and keeps the riches with you for life. It is stated that the person who has a Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod has the power of Narayan Himself!  Devi will always be by your side making you prosperous and filling your wallet and bank account with shocking amounts of cash.  


Not only will you directly benefit, but your loved ones will automatically become blessed by Devi simply by you having the Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod in your possession and giving it the respect it is due. 


If you bank account does not triple in one year, we will buy the Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod back plus $100!  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  Crush the cycle of poverty and disappointment and allow the Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod to create a breakthrough for you! 


Once the Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod arrives at your home, place it on a red cloth upon your altar. Direction does not matter.  Once placed on the red cloth, dust it with sandalwood powder and red sindoor. Make a circle of coins around the Lakshmi Wealth Magnet Pod and recite the  mantra. 


“Om Namoh Lakshmi Ganesha Nmah”


Pray regularly before Lakshmi Ganesh Wealth Magnet Pod asking Her to bless you with wealth.  It shall be yours!


The buyer will receive:


- The Lakshmi Wealth Magnet Pod shown in the photo


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