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ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्धमहे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दन्ति प्रचोदयात्॥

Made by a small village's tantrik maa bhadra in Maharashtra. Prepared in her roadside Ganesh shrine compound. The amulet contains the vibrant energy of Lord Ganesh and His ganas. The amulet grants the owner the following blessings:
Fast luck
Gives Power
Turn bad luck into good
Removal of obstacles
Eradicates karmas causing failures
Brings success
Bestows peace and happiness
Makes one lucky in daily life
Have you not had the luck you have wanted?

Have you experienced a string of bad luck: unfortunate events, opportunities slipping out of your hands, etc. The thing with luck is that it's a very delicate thing. In essence it is "things turning out in your favor." When you start experiencing bad luck over long periods of time, then that's your signal to take action. Take the bull by the horns and turn your luck in the other direction!

Effective in removing the underlying karmas which are causing your lack of luck and success. The amulet will unblock your path and remove all of the spiritual and material obstacles needed for the positive energy to flow unimpeded. You will experience good fortune like never before. Your general good luck will increase 100 times over and fate will smile upon you.

Seen to help in small daily lucky matters: finding money, getting the best parking place, bumping into old friends, getting upgrades, etc
Helps in large matters: unexpected advancements, better business, jackpots, lavish gifts, etc.

As the energy of the amulet accumulates in your aura, you will find others naturally drawn to you. You will have an upper hand and influence in all of your dealings.

An added benefit is the energy of Lord Ganesh gives one knowledge and soothes the mind. You will feel greater peace and less stress.

The amulet is entirely hand made by the witch and contains a large seed sacred to Lord Ganesh, red chirmi and lucky talismans. The amulets are offered to the feet of her ancestral Ganesh idol which has been worshipped in the family for 100's of years. She then recites secret tantric mantras ever there amulet to energize and ends by chanting 10 slokas passed in her family which allow the ganas of Lord Ganesh to see the amulet from the spiritual dimension and bless the owner.

Very potent. The amulet is active for life and does not need to be energized further in the future.

Simply WEAR IT. The amulet can also be kept on your altar.

Place your right hand, palm down, over the amulet and chant the simple mantra OM GAM GANAPATAYE ten times daily. If you miss a day, simply make up the missed mantras on the following.

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