Rare Aghori Black GUdU Doll Safe Send Justice Karma Pain To Deserving Revenge +

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Rare Aghori Black GUdU Doll Safe Send Justice Karma Pain To Deserving Revenge +

Black Death GUDU Doll Safe Send Justice Karma Pain To Deserving Revenge

Black Death Curse GUDU Doll
Creates Great Pain, Anguish, Torture in Others

100% Guaranteed!

Authentic GUDU Dolls, these figures are crafted by Papa Crow, a powerful
Bokor GUDU Practitioner with a lifetime of experience.

This IS NOT a mass produced souvenir or toy like so many tourists purchase
online or on a trip to the New Orleans French Quarter.

All of the GUDU Dolls offered through Full Moon Magick Shoppe are
authentic, powerful magick, one-of-a-kind, handmade creations!

This One Is Packed With a GUDU Suffering Energy for you to release!

This GUDU Doll shall be crafted for you with a POWERFUL Method
which will allow you to cause your enemy to experience suffering, anguish,
mental torture, and physical pain!


This is a powerful GUDU artifact.

Once put into motion it is very difficult to stop!

DO NOT even think of using this GUDU Doll if you had a fight and broke up
with your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone old some trivial lie to you.

This stunning doll should only be unleashed on those evil people
truly deserving a dose of their own medicine!

You have been warned and I cannot accept any responsibility for ANYTHING
that happens to your intended curse recipient!

This work shall be cast into the doll in a GUDU ritual performed by you and written by  Papa Crow especially for you and tailored to your needs, goals, and desires!
You shall use as directed to release all desired result of doll.

What Can This Work Do?

-Has someone done some great evil to you and they deserve justice?

This work can cause them to experience suffering beyond what they
would have ever thought possible.

Extreme mental anguish and crippling paranoia!

A series of setbacks and failures in their personal and professional lives!

Terrifying nightmares that rob them of any decent sleep!

Friends betray them and they feel distant, alone.

They will actually suffer intense physical pain and health worries!

Be sure this is what you want as you will watch
them fall apart right before your very eyes!

This Is Not A Toy Nor A Souvenir!!!

Follow all The Instruction Strictly.

This is a genuine GUDU doll crafted by a real Voodoo bokor, a houngan
Voodoo priest that dares to delve into the darker side of magic.
It carries great power.

If by chance you are fearful of the supernatural or uncomfortable with
real magic, it would be good for you to NOT order this doll.

Clients have reported great success in cursing others with these figures but
also many who failed to handle the power correctly have themselves experienced
strange and powerful manifestations of paranormal activity
have been reported.

Lights have been said to flicker, hearts to race.
The dolls often seem to disappear and reappear on their own.
Several times folks have had the dolls move in their hands, and they have experienced mysterious chills and strange visions.

Real GUDU Dolls!

Papa's GUDU Dolls are crafted in the traditional method using all natural
materials. Stuffed with Spanish Moss and decorated with human
attributes, this doll is more of a work of art than a toy.
Clothing is meticulously wound around the moss framework,
eyes hand painted onto the head, and small details added to personalize.
Every doll is absolutely unique!

All of this before the work is even began to be cast.

Your GUDU Doll will be unlike any other!

Papa loves to personalize these GUDU Dolls for your own situation.

"Papa this has given me the revenge that I have ALWAYS WANTED. He lost his job, ended up with the flu, and his girlfriend left him after he found out she was cheating on him!!! HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED!"

Take Control!
Order the 'Black Death Curse' GUDU Doll Today!

100% Guaranteed!

Your order includes the hand crafted doll.
These dolls range from app. 6" to 8" tall, and not just some fabric twisted into a humanoid shape.
You also receive three large pins to complete the ritual and complete instructions printed on
beautiful parchment style paper and signed by Papa Crow!

Please send via e-mail your name, birthdate, and an overview of the love situation you are in and
what Papa can do for you. Often I send more questions to clarify the story and situation.
I then craft your GUDU doll.

After you receive your doll expect magick to happen when you use it! according to ritual directions.

If you have any questions, requests, or need information contact me.

The 'Black Death Curse' GUDU Doll and Work Guarantee

Please allow time for this powerful magick to strengthen and results to occur.
If you have not achieved the results desired within three full cycles of the moon,
Papa shall Triple Work the Energy for you at no additional cost!

You are bidding on a tangible item.
For legal purposes you should consider all products and services to be for entertainment purposes only.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase. All products and services of Full Moon Magick Shoppe should not be considered professional help and are not a substitute for any professional, medical, financial,
psychological or legal help.


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