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Complete spiritual protection from ALL of your enemies.  Not even the strongest maran tantra can effect you.  Any rituals, mantras, voodoo dolls or other useless magic can not get near you or your subtle energy body. No mantric, tantric, voodoo worker, jealous relative, ex-lover, envious co-worker, scorned family member can cause you any harm!  
Turn your fortune around today. 
Lord Vishnu in all His avatars manifests the powerful sudarshan disc, now you can have this spiritual force with you at all times.  
Literally crushes all enemies, demons and negative magic!  It has also been seen many times that if one who is possessed by a demon approaches unknowingly, a person wearing this kavach, the demon will flee the person in FEAR of the KAVACH's Vishnu-shakti emanations. 
A MUST HAVE for any spiritual person.  You have to protect yourself from the attacks of others.  As many as 75% of people are under attack at some point in their lives.  Most black magic done against you is as simple as the evil eye, verbal curses and negative thought forms.  Although not formal tantra, these can effect you in a negative way. These can weaken the aura and change your spiritual focus, health and success.
As you spiritual power increases, you almost certainly will come under more powerful attack from others.  Not only this, when your energy body increases through spiritual practice, lower level entities, ghosts and demons are attracted by your light.  They see this interdimensionally and attach themselves to you in order to suck out the spiritual energy they need. 
This kavacha is a 100% fail proof weapon against the dark forces. This kavach is mentioned in our puranas.  This very kavach has been used and worn for thousands of years.  It is the BEST and MOST POWERFUL remedy against all dark forces.  
When wearing this kavach, you may feel a heat through the heart or others parts of the body.  Lord Sudarshan is always spinning and burning with spiritual fire of purification and protection.  If you have very purified senses, you will be able to discern the power of Lord Sudarshan present within the kavach as soon as you place it on.  If you have strong psychic sensitivity, you may need to wear the kavach in longer periods each day as your subtle body (mind, intelligence and ego) adjust to the association of the Lord.  
Aside from protection from black magic, ghosts and demons, Sudarshan kavach also is stated to:
- Increase powers of the mind
- Makes one to avoid dangers and accidents
-  Protects one from losses 
-  Creates an auspicious vibration 5 meters around it 
-  Burns up diseases manifesting from past karma
The energy of Sudarshan kavach is said to bring happiness, peace, harmony and loving vibrations to the person, their home and family. 
Simply the best and most needed item for all spiritual persons!
Over 10,000 mantras are recited with 1008 oblations into fire yajna.  
 om shrim hrim klim krishnaya govindaya gopijanavallabhaya
paraya parama-purusaya para mantra yantra tantra
ausadha astra-sastrani samhara samhara mrtyu mocaya mocaya
om namo bhagavate maha-sudarsanaya
diptre  jvala pritaya sarva-diksobhana karaya
hum phat brahmane parama  jyotise sahasraya hum phat svaha
Simply wear with faith.  No mantra or ritual is needed on your end.  Lasts a lifetime.  No future re-energize ever needed. We will need your full name at birth, date of birth and current location to perform the needed rituals to personalize for you. 
SB 3.19.22
The Lord, the personal enjoyer of all sacrifices, now discharged His beloved Sudarśana, which was capable of dispersing the magical forces displayed by the demon.
SB 10.78.12
O best of kings, as Vidūratha fell upon Him, Lord Kṛṣṇa used His razor-edged Sudarśana disc to remove his head, complete with its helmet and earrings.
SB 10.66.21
Having thus derided Pauṇḍraka, Lord Kṛṣṇa destroyed his chariot with His sharp arrows. The Lord then cut off his head with the Sudarśana disc, just as Lord Indra lops off a mountain peak with his thunderbolt weapon.3

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