Shaktipaat Kundalini Sandalwood Mala Activation Chakra Meditation Rosary

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Shaktipaat Kundalini Sandalwood Mala Activation Chakra Meditation Rosary

Sandalwood Japa Mala 108 beads traditional style hand knotted mala.

Sandalwood is extremely popular for its pureness, its cooling effect, and the beautiful fragrance which it holds within it.sandalwood mala is said to be the most pleasing to the Gods . This mala recommended to those who hold a belief in Goddess Laxmi & Goddess Durga,

This Genuine Sandalwood mala is procured from museum of Government of Kerala and can be used for Japa (Repeating mantras or prayers.This mala is made from genuine natural fragnant sandalwood and will never loose its aroma.

Total no. of beads is 108 + 1

Made Traditionally and activated blessed by Siddha masters while chanting Sanskrit mantras and making knots between Each beads in the string.

Its believed and said that the Higher life force is freezed in each knots and is the essence of this Activated Sandal wood mala.

Its takes about 21 long days to prepare one sandalwood Mala that is breathed with the Spiritual Power that is all talked about and nobody have ever experienced it except the high class siddha gurus.

The Kundalini serpent power is automatically activated while chanting any Positive mantras with this spiritually activated Sandal wood mala rosary and the divinity is activated most naturally within oneself with this Divine mala.

One now need not go away from home or live like a ascetic and keep away from all worldly things to experience the divinity.

The Shakti path is all done away by the siddha masters and only a kindle is all required to activate the latent energy embeded within.

Experiences after one resorts the Spiritually Activated Sandal wood Mala-

What one experience is the results one one's awakened kundalini(serpent power) within one's self.Its much talked about but hardly 10% of people may have experienced after long period of meditations.One may have given a period of more than 10 years to master the art of out of body experiences alone.One may have spent atleast 15 years to master the art of telekenesis or one may have experienced the ability to forsee a event by spending atleast 17 years of his life.

Yes when one activates his kundalini one can become a superconductor.His/her mind can just go inside any living or non living object and complete any task like programming the object and return back.

One can experience flashes while one is meditating,its the flashes that emanates from the shushmuna nadi when mind enters the bioplasmic etheric body slowly and penetrates the higher octaves chakras.One may find difficult to stare at the bright lights inside the mind with closed eyes in the stages of meditating.

One can channel others thought at will.One can freeze any thoughts in any object(living or non living).One will be able to remote viewing abilities or even transport oneself at that place, do the work and return back.

With this Shaktipaat Activation through this Mala medium one will gradually rise in the path of spiritualism.It is so to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of the hidden powers of the Subconscious mind.When the Shakti enters the body and mind through this mala one may have surge of shaking in the neck, or slight tremors while recitations.One may feel urge of having sex, or feel hungry fast than usual,One may feel to get happy or sad without any reason,One may feel the ecstasy like when we are dreaming or having sexual climax.The results may differ from person to person what one can experience cannot be defined here but its sure that as the nine months in the womb of mother a child is born similarly after 9 months of using this Spiritually Shaktipaat activated Sandal wood mala one can feel his nwe born identity.He/she will channel knowledge from an unknown source and will be astonished how he can easily channel energies that is unseen and cannot be proved and beyond any science.

We shall send you a Secret Siddha Mantra that is unlocked and daily recitation of mantra is required to integrate the energy embeded in this Spiritually Saktipaat activated item and that helps to the latent vibrations to higher consciousness.

Needless to say that this Sandal wood mala is NOT commercially sold but to be taken seriously by them who really want to kindle the kundalini energy within and experience the divinity at the leisure of your home and your loved ones

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