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Tantra Orgone Vortex Pendant Luck Fortune Stress Free Protection Supreme Power

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Beautifully handcrafted Turtle in Brass with Laxmi/Kuber yantra on back covered with acrylic top for safety.

Use - Can be kept in home, office or shop to get the powerful energies of the yantra always turtle facing towards inside of the premises.

Kuber yantra is a geometric design inscribed to propitiate the Lord of wealth, Kuber. The total of each row and column in a Kuber Yantra is 72, which is a very strong number denoting prosperity.
The brass turtle is a symbol of good luck as per vaastu/feng shui.

A Yantra is a geometric design to invoke the energies of a specific deity in order for the worshipper to acquire all the material and spiritual benefits associated with that particular deity. It has the ability to fulfil any and all desires of the worshipper, both material and spiritual. A Yantra is a Talisman, or a powerful Holy Symbol, and a tangible manifestation of a Mantra or Deity itself/ himself.

It creates an active (positive) energy field that harnesses and radiates positive energy, and transmits that powerful energy to worshipper, wearer or the environment, where installed.

For health welth prosperity and luck
Increases attraction, confidence and business
It is good for fortune and bring blessings of shri lakshmi mata
We do not deal in synthetic or dyed products

Below I will give a list of some of the areas that this tortois have been blessed to change your life. Attract wealth, success, health, great luck and karma, love, and so much more. LIVE THE PERFECT LIFE.

A Coven Blessed item is an item that my Coventry and I have cast large amounts of very specific, poignant energies in to. It is a vessel, an embodiment of specific, carefully formulated powers that will impact your life in a swift, tangible way.

Blessed Talisman, Amulets, Stones, Tortois pandents, and other "Good Luck Charms" existed in our world in a very profound, and real way for centuries. In today's more modern world, a "good luck charm" is nothing more than a passive novelty. That is what we have turned it in to. For countless years, from the age of the Sumerian, through to the early 1998 's, real alchemists and energy workers were able to harness specific energies in to tangible items, which where then, in turn, used as a real life blessing for the bearer of said item.

This practice still exists as vibrantly today as it ever has. Having an item blessed in this manor can and will deeply impact your life for the better.

This particular tortois is a true labor of love. It is one of a kind, it is one that we've spent a massive amount of time with, as a grouping, and individually over the course of the last year plus.

The piece has been cast upon for the last 6 months, every day. A total of exactly 7100 different professional Powers blessings has been placed. The tortois pandent has been properly tested, and it's energies are immense.It is ready to give you the perfect life. This is a ONE OF A KIND item.

You will see the following benefits having this item in your life.

Attraction Of Wealth

Self Confidence


Personal Power

Mind Control Over Others





Mind Capacity






Mental Energy


Self Love

Personal Wealth

Lottery Victory

Casino Luck

Positive Karma

Influence Over Self and Others

And so, much more!

With this incredible tortois statue in your life you will immediately begin to feel euphoric. You will feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. You will feel unburdened, and at peace.

The residual effects of owning an item of this power are often that you will sleep much better at night, you will feel increases in your confidence, your mood will improve, you will feel "lighter" and more at peace. Your body will be balanced, calm, and centered.

As the tortois Statue stays with you, and the powers build, and sync with your unique spirit, it will draw money in to your life by on of many, or multiple means.

I know that the first question on all of your minds is: "Well, if it's so important and powerful, why is she selling it?" - That's an understandable question to ask, and I want to address it for you all. Without going in to detail I will say, simply, that I am blessed financially. The work that I do, day to day, is not work that is performed with the driving desire for profit. I do not need the money.

I know what you're most likely thinking. Fake. Right? Too good to be true, nonsense, snake oil salesman.. I've heard them all! This is very real, and has existed around us all since the dawn of time. Once a major part of the day to day lives of many, it has largely been pushed aside. Our society fears what they do not understand, especially in this technologically advanced time that we all live in. We are so confident in our work that it has a non time limit money back guarantee. No loopholes, no fine print. It either works exactly as I describe, or you return it for a 100% refund. I'll even pay for the return shipment. I have dedicated my whole life to this practice and I want to share the glory or real, authentic magick with the world.

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