Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Cave Living Power Shankh

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Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Cave Living Power Shankh

Make 2019 the most powerful year of your life!

One-of-a-kind! Directly from the cave of the Siddhar Masters. The most powerful connection to this rare tantric form of Lord Ganesh you shall ever have the chance to bring into your life.

Tested and proven for over two decades. A true occult treasure blessed by living Masters of Wisdom and Power.

Offered at great reduction for a LIMITED TIME.

Supreme good luck

Massive fortune

Elimination of all obstacles

Growth and advancement

Love, wisdom and power

Influence and control

Removal of enemies and black magic

Increased magical flow and ability

Angelic knowledge downloads

Get ready to see what Lord Ganesh can really do when you have a real and tangible connection with Him! By establishing the Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Living Power Shankh in your home, you open the veil between worlds. The energy of the Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Living Power Shankh is seen by the devas who will come to bless and sanctify the home where it is installed.

Truly, everything will go your way when the Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Living Power Shankh is given a place of honor and respect. You will see an immediate shift in energy and you will be super-charged with posative divine energy.

Previously, the Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Living Power Shankh was installed and worshiped by three Siddhar masters directly in Konganar cave. You can feel the decades of mystical power ushering form from the Shankh!

The devas and Deities are all in that nonphysical microcosm. They actually exist inside material existence, for there are many worlds, or planes of existence, within the physical world. If you were to go into the physical microcosm, into a cell and into an atom, and into the inside of that and the inside of that, you would come out in the macrocosm of the Gods. This is called the Sivaloka or Third World. Their macrocosm is bigger than our macrocosm.

The concept of this inner space is different than we ordinarily conceive. Even though their macrocosm exists within this macrocosm, it is larger than this macrocosm. Of course, that immensity is in another dimension, another world.

And each world is larger than the one before—the world of departed souls is larger than this physical world, and the world of the Gods is much larger than the heaven worlds. Therefore, in a tiny space in this physical world hundreds of thousands of devas exist—in a very tiny space. The Ucchista Ganapati Siddhar Living Power Shankh bring the power of Ganesh and his devas into our reality to empower you like never before.

As per the Kriyakramadyoti, Uchchishta Ganapati is worshipped as a giver of great boons. Ucchista Ganapati is considered a superior aspect of Lord Ganesha. It is firmly believed by his devotees that worshipping this Lord shall help gain his abundant blessings and bestow with success in endeavors, advancement in career, betterment in life and a predominant position in society.

Ucchista Ganapati is regarded as the 8th among the 32 different forms of Ganapati. The Sanskrit word ‘Ucchista’ literally means the remains and leftovers, but in this context, carries a Tantric connotation. Ucchista Ganapati is considered a tantric aspect of Lord Ganesha and denotes the blessed offerings. Ucchista Ganapati is blue in complexion, is in a sitting posture and is depicted with his consort Goddess Shakti Devi seated comfortably on his left lap. He has six hands, the main left of which gently embraces his consort, and the rest of his hands hold in them, a japa mala of Rudraksha beads, a pomegranate fruit, fresh sprig of paddy, blue lotus and the stringed instrument Veena. The end of his trunk rests on the thigh of the Goddess.

When the ganas and devas of Lord Ganesh arrive at the home, the room will feel filled with actinodic energy even if it is a closet or a small sacred alcove. The energy will come out of seeming nowhere into the room. This feeling indicates that Ganeha’s ganas are present, eager and willing to do whatever they can to maintain peace within the home and bind the family together. Only good and goodness will be their actions. They do work within the prarabdha karmas of each individual within the family.

नीलाब्जं दाडिमी वीणा शाली गुंजाक्ष सूत्रकम् ।

दधदुच्छिष्ट नामाऽयं गणेशः पातु मोक्षदः ॥

Neelabjam dadimi veena saali gunjaksha suthrakam,
Dadadad uchishta naamaayam Ganesa pathu mokshadha


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