10 Enchantments Magick Pendant Attract Wealth Love Money ProfessionalWitchspirit

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10 Enchantments Magick Pendant Attract Wealth Love Money ProfessionalWitchspirit

THIS IS A LIFE WINNING AMULET / PENDANT. The amulet contains 10 specific spell blessed enchantments meant to positively impact your life in many ways.. The first enchantment that is placed on this amazing piece is a general protection spell. This spell will protect you from the harm and dangers that can affect us from day to day living. It is designed to protect you both physically and spiritually from seen and unseen threats. With this amulet in your grasp you can live each moment of each day of your life without any fear. You will not fall ill, be the victim of a crime, be accidentally or purposefully harmed, you'll be free of injury, and any black magick, or psychic attacks will bounce off of you.

The second spell is an evil eye, hex, and curse protection spell. If someone has been targeting you and sending negativity or evil your way then this spell will stop them in their tracks and return their energy back to them 3 fold. It does not matter if you know who is doing this, how, or why. This spell does not curse anyone. It simply let's your enemy have the energy back that they created. It's a relatively unique circumstance for someone to have targeted you in that way, but it does happen, perhaps more often than we realize!

The second enchantment is meant to protect you from even the possibility of any form of psychic, or esoteric negativity. The third enchantment is a profound, powerful luck and money spell. This spell will improve your general luck and you will often be in the right place at the right time for good things to come your way. Money will begin to flow freely to you in many varied ways. One of my customers has described it as "it feels like people want to give me money".

This spell helps you to have the money you need when you need it. Fourth we have placed a chakra balancing and karma cleansing enchantment. This is actually two spells in one, but they work in tandem with one another. The first helps to balance, open, and align your chakras.

This will leave you cleansed, balanced, and more spiritually aware. If you have a blockage in a specific chakra then it may take time but this spell will help break down those barriers so you can achieve a higher purpose. The karma cleansing portion is designed to erase the cosmic slate and let you start over.

You will still be accountable for your actions but there will not be any forces stacked up against you. Your karma will be wiped clean but it is up to you to act wisely in the future. The fifth enchantment is a third eye opening and astral portal spell. This is really two spells "in one" as well. The first is intended to help to break down blockages in your third eye chakra so that you can better communicate with spirits and have infinitely increased psychic abilities.

Like the other chakras this can take time but you will make progress much more quickly with this spell. The second part of this spell allows this vessel to be a portal to other realms. When the portal is open other spirits can come through, you may experience paranormal phenomenon and have the time of your life. The experience varies each time you use the portal and from person to person. This spell does not make it possible to physically visit other realms.

The spirits will visit our realm you will not be able to physically go to theirs. This ability is for you to dictate, and for you to decide if you wish to have it as part of your life. For some I understand that the idea of visiting, and/or being visited by other spirits may be something they're not ready for. It's very easy for you to choose if you wish for spirits to visit you or not, and I'll gladly help you along the way once you receive this talisman. The next spell is a divine guidance and wisdom spell. Have you ever felt lost and don't know what to do? Well this spell will help you get guidance from the higher power of the universe. You will be shown the right way and know what to do in any situation that you are uncertain about.

All you have to do is ask for guidance and this spell will instantly connect you to the infinite wisdom of the gods. Seventh we have included a "change my life" spell set. This spell provides a total overhaul within your life. It can quickly bring change in any area that is troublesome or stagnant. New life and hope will emerge and you will finally feel like your life is back on track. No matter what is going on this spell can help smooth things out and work in your favor for a change.

This is a dormant energy set that will connect directly to your spirit once you receive the amulet. Through basic visualization of your desires the amulet will steer the energies in an appropriate way to assist you in the most specific way possible. No two people are the same, thus no two hold the same desires for their life. These energies are waiting to connect to your spirit so they can provide you the specific desires you have for yourself. The eighth spell is a spell for general health.

You will stay strong and protected. The value of a healthy body cannot be overstated and this spell will help you to stay at your best. If by chance you do catch a cold or something then you should get over it much more quickly than normal. It will keep you going and help you be able to stay active. The ninth is a wishing spell. This spell turns this vessel into a powerful wishing device. Simply hold the vessel in your hands and make your focused wish. Then believe and see what great things can happen. It works just like a Genie but you don't have to bond with any spirits. It varies as to how long it takes for them to come true. Sometimes they happen almost immediately sometimes they take a few weeks or longer to come true.

Of course it depends 100% upon what the actual wish is, and what needs to transpire in your life for that wish to become a reality. The 10th, and final enchantment is a witches moon spell. This is a unique spell it gives you access to all the power and energy that I generate in my own castings. You can use this power to cast your own spells, wish, manifest, heal, or whatever else you want. It will connect you to me, and I to you through a continually growing, expanding spiritual connection. You will "feed" off of my energies (without harming me in any way, of course) - This provides a constant, day to day line of positive energy in your life! I have charged the vessel with my own energy and power on a new and full moon.You have all of the energies of the moon and this witch at your fingertips.

When you have this enchanted item you can add this power to any spell, wish, or prayer to increase the effectiveness or you can use it all on its own. Essentially it is like having me there with you casting spells for you and harnessing the power of the moon. The piece can be used by man or woman. No knowledge of Magickal practice is necessary. The piece does not have to be worn in order for it to work for you. Of course it can be, should you desire, but otherwise, all you must do is keep it safe, and keep it with you at all times for the powers within this glorious amulet to connect to your spirit, and begin producing real world results.

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