120,072 Mantra Charged 3" 8 metals Sampoorna Kuber Money Drawing Amulet Casino

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ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं क्लीं वित्तेश्वराय नमः॥

Get on a streak so HOT they may ask you to leave the casino floor! This happened to one of our customers, Joan T. from Florida.


Energized by our powerful Himalayan Aghori Masters in Kurukshetra. This will bring unexpected money to you on the day it arrives. Feel the pulsating money drawing energy the Master's 120,072 mantras can bring into your life. 

Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Kuberaya Namah!!

Live the dream. Swim in oceans of wealth energy currents. Have more cash than you know what to do with!!!

One who takes shelter of our Master Himalayan charged amulet can expect:


  • 100x stronger money drawing energy comapered to ANY other amulet

  • Blessings to hit it HUGE at the casino, lotto, and ALL games of chance

  • Picking lucky scratch offs, winning bingo cards and knowing the right team / horse to bet on

  • Drawing in money from unexpected sources

  • Increased business, promotions and GOOD LUCK in ALL AREAS OF GAINING MONEY

The blessings of the Masters over the yantra open a literal astral forcefield and vortex to the higher spiritual dimensions. From these realms on high, financial blessings will flow down to you and inundate you with prosperity.

Using spiritual reaserach techniques, one can discern a strong green scintalating sphere of energy around the amulet. Using a cosmo-telluric energy meter, we observed readings of 325,000 Å units!

We are the sole source of these Himalayan Master Aghori charged amulets. Our spiritual research facility has access to the most powerful yogis who exhibit amazing supernatural powers. We welcome you to our ashram and spiritual reasearch facility the next time your travel to kurukshetra. Bring your own amulets and we will test them for you at no cost! You are not just a client, you are like a member of our extended spiritual family!

When you take shelter of our amulet, you will obtain the maximum possible blessings for gambling luck, personal finances, career and life. You will increase what you have exponentially and you will never be lacking in any area.


For maximim benefit follow these few simple steps and you will open the spiritual floodgates of wealth. Remember, not only will your luck at gambling increase, Lord Kuber can and WILL substancially bless all areas of finance. Get those debt collectors off your back, get the loans paid off, increase and get new lines of credit and prestigious cards, see increases in salary and money coming to you from every possible avenue.


  1. Place the amulet, with your name paper under it, on any clean surface. Our blessings are so power direction does not matter. But, you can place along the Northern side of your room.

  2. Offer uncooked rice grains by spinkling them over the yantra.

  3. Light a stick of incense and place near the amulet.

  4. Hold hands in prayer posture and chant: Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Kuberaya Namah (three times)

  5. Now go out fully infused with the amulets energy and get ready for good things to come your way!


SIZE - 3'' X 3''


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