Aghori Mantrik Kali Shakti Sorcerer s Ring - Power - Protection - Psychic

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Aghori Mantrik Kali Shakti Sorcerer s Ring - Power - Protection - Psychic

ॐ ऐं क्लीं सौ: कालिके कालिके देवी सर्वकान्तिप्रदायिनी

पापशान्तिम् दुःखशान्तिम् सर्वशान्तिम् ददातुमे

हूं फट्ट् काली, शत्रुदोषप्रशमनी नित्यं नित्यं नमोनमः

Ring is inhabited by the Divine Energies of Bhadra Kali, Smashan Kali and Kamala Kali. These raw energies have been spiritually sealed into the ring directly in the cremation grounds of Varanasi. The spiritual vortex around the ring tops 340K etheric bovis units. When wearing, one feels a slight "lightness" as your spiritual body becomes acclimated to the new energy.

The ring is triple empowered to give one total power, complete protection and phenomenal wealth! The wearer of the Aghori sadhu energized ring will have dominion over enemies and finely tuned intuition.

After pratishta (life giving rituals), the ring was further energized with 108 names of Kali, secret Aghori diksha mantras, wealth attraction mantras and Kali Kavach.

Surround yourself with a fiery wall of Divine Protection at all times! The ring will keep supernatural harms from having any effect on you. Will also completely eradicate the ill effects of malefic planets and increase your spiritual power.

The power of the ring is said to make you fearless, invincible and fully empowered by the triple powers of these tri-murtis. Achieve tantric gains and unlock psychic knots that have your potencies bound up. Gives the aura of occult domination. Told to give the power to reach out the hand on which the ring is worn and pull off energy from others.

No black magic can come near to the person who keep this ring on the ringer or around the neck. Deflects all negative thought forms, waves and evil eyes. More importantly, it fully wards off all unseen entities drawn to you through your growing light generated by spiritual practice. For those who delve into more esoteric forms of Hindu paths, this is a must for keeping nuisances away. Will also remove nightmares caused by ghosts or more powerful beings.

Made by an Aghori sadhu who has attained perfect siddhi of all associated mantras from a long line of Shakta adepts in his youth. His small kutir is a powerful place worthy to be a holy place of pilgrimage. The energy of the accumulated mantras, pujas and visitation of sudhus is in each holy item that passes from his hands.

Each Tuesday or Saturday, dip the ring in milk three times followed by water three times. Wipe with a pure cotton or silk cloth. On each full moon, place the ring in the moonshine. This can be done by placing the ring in a window through which the moon can be seen. Clouds covering the moon does not negate the effect. It would be very nice to offer pure sandalwood oil or paste on each each weekly after washing. We will supply an initial amount for you.

This is a very powerful tool that must be given great care and respect. In return, you will be blessed in unlimited other ways. Do not underestimate what a true connection with the Divine can do in your life. One may also expect stirrings of kundalini, increased knowledge and psychic manifestations.

Chant the following mantra 3 times when the ring is placed on:

om aim kleem sauh kalike kalike devi sarvakanthi pradayine papa santhim dukhasanthim sarvasanthim dadathume hoom phat kali satrudoshaprasamani nithyam nithyam namo namah

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