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Debt Removal & Build Wealth & luck White Light Magic Energy Pendant Rare Proven

Direct Benefits:

Money drawing

Acquisition of wealth

Control any person you desire

Command groups

Compel other to do as you will


Protection from negative energy / entities

Prepared and energized using secret mantrik rituals known by only the highest level Siddhar masters. Simply by observing photos of the Naga Talisman, one can feel subtle waves of power emanating from the piece.

Enchanted with 27 weeks of daily mantra recitation and fire sacrifice to install the powers and benefits spoken of above. We have personally tested the effectiveness of the talisman and are hesitant to part with it.

Just by having the talisman in your possession, the blessings and siddhis will unlock. You will experience the ability to attract money, build wealth and have unimaginable good financial fortune.

You will experience the ability to control any person you desire for any purpose. Love, money, legal matters, etc...will all be in your playthings. The applications are limitless from personal to business and beyond. The powers can also be used on behalf of others, making you, a much sought after source of help and magickal repute.

You must simply wear the talisman, visualize the control or outcome you wish to have and speak it aloud. Afterward, and while wearing the talisman, write your intention on a piece of paper. Rub the talisman over the paper several times. Place the talisman back on and burn the paper. This “releases” the command into the ethers.

The naga enegry acting through the talisman has the ability to balance past karmas, negate malefic astrological effects and promote healing of dis-ease at the soul level. It will be a powerful tool and source of energy for anyone doing healing work.

Additionally, you will be enveloped with the most potent and protective naga shakti available within this realm. No negative energy, thoughtforms, magic and harmful entity will be able to effect you once the talisman is in your possession.

Those doing meditation while wearing the talisman, will be able to gain astral access to naga-loka for communication, instruction and guidance from the nagas.

The temple priests say that this naga is a direct descendant of the naga ruler, King Airavata.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is an important temple of Lord Shiva near Dwarka. Here, Lord Krishna Himself used to worship and perform Rudrabhishekam. Nageshwar was believed to be known as 'Darukavana', which is an ancient epic name of a forest in India.

According to legend, 'Balakhilyas', a group of dwarf sages worshipped Lord Shiva in Darukavana for long a time. To test their devotion and patience, Shiva came to them as a nude ascetic wearing only nagas [serpants] on his body. Wives of sages got attracted to the saint and went after him, leaving their husbands behind. Sages got very disturbed and outraged by this.They lost their patience and cursed the ascetic to loose his linga [one of the limited meanings is Phallus, but it has has a deeper theistic symbolism]. Shiva linga fell on the earth and the whole world trembled. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu came to Lord Shiva, requesting him to save the earth from destruction and take back his linga. Shiva consoled them and took back his linga. [From Vamana Purana CH.6th & 45th]. Lord Shiva promised his divine presence in Darukavana as 'jyothirlinga' for ever.

Simply keep the talisman in your possesion for all of the beneficial effects.
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as per commitment please contact us 24X7

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