Extreme Powerful Yantra Vortex Rite Powerful Occult Amulet Ring

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Extreme Powerful Yantra Vortex Rite Powerful Occult Amulet Ring
This Ring is Extremely potent and very powerful and ritually set with the parameters to invoke & harness the extraordinary mystical powers from the universe.

The ring has the powers to envision your dreams project it outwards and let is stay there until it gather momentum force to make it real before any one…. who wants to change or work on the substler energy.

 This ring is not for the inexperienced. This is Supernormal ring rated A

 This ring carries hot energy of the 32 life forces of the universe and tapped only by certain mystic words.

Please be aware that after you wear this ring you will have unusual vibrations around your spine shaking aimlessly.You may feel as if something is there inside you that wants to shake it(or your body).You may feel unsual  arousal of your sexual impulses untimely.You will feel extra appetite for food and extra sensitive to emotions such as anger,love or other intimacy.

This ring as told and passed by ancestors that this ring holds the most secretive guarded mystic words and must only be chanted when you are alone.You can use it for your any activity you think must be changed for good evil or the worst. Please know that this ring carries the Fire elemental power of the great underworld. The sacrifice that invoked the powers in this ring was created  by sitting naked on male corpse in a graveyard on krittika nakshatra on Saturday.Four Yakshini(soulls) were summoned and with their help the Vortex Rite was completed by the Tantra master shaman.

Please know that this ring can create any thing that seems impossible….good,evil,bad…

 You can perhaps even summon the souls to create haun-tings or tresspassing in anybody’s property….

If you are surrounded by a great calamity in your life and you are struggling hard to get out of it…then you can use the Vortex Rite Ring immediately to lossen the bad powers of the fate…..

If in your life you think that there is danger or risk to your life or your loved ones as..someone..may be your or your loved ones enemy and can cause death…then you may use the Vortex rite ring immediately to change the fate….

If you think your life is getting worsen for no reason then you can use this powerful ring at your will …

You can use this ring for any immediate good,bad,evil deeds you want to happen fast in your or anybody’s life…..

I personally used this ring to teach my ex-lover a lesson.He cheated on me,betrayed me and after 7 long years ditched me….I used this Vortex Rite ring against him…When he seperated from me…he ran away from home and kept him hided for full one year from me…I never knew what to do when after just 6 months of running away I decided to use this ring…I never thought that this was illegal or nefarious in any means as this person played mischeive with me and my life..also misused my precious 7 long years of my life…so I used it sorting the divine blessings of my master….I envisoned the life of this person become hell and evaporating from this earth…and lo it did happen…When I found him..he was in hospital with deadly disease that I cannot reveal here…however he eventually succumed to death…so your wish…your desire…anything that you want will change…..with this ring…only use it for good cause…not bad and everything will be good….Be honest in your path….be sincere and don’t spare the wrong persons of your life…


Warning-This ring has the power to cast dark curses , and even bad death….so use with caution….

This ring carries the energy that you can not even imagine how it affects and changes any other energy when you discharge the energy from the Vortex rite ring into the desire /outcome you may want…..

This ring is similar like electricity…you should know how to control the great power in your hand….Like switching a light on will power on the current but bad use can cause a great high voltage shock imposing danger to your life even…..With this ring there is no mercy..If you asked to happen this will happen good or bad….

If you deliberately ask the ring to cause you a disease then it shall so…so use it intelligently….Dont try to test the ring…as when two person tried to….both these two person met serious accidents… one is hospitalized critical and one is dead….beware

There is no rituals to be completed…No sacrifices…no chantings…no places to go even…Just you need to wear this ring or carry this on your body for seven days continuously to get its powerful energy harness in to your body…yes its that easy…

We will email you all the instructions through email…most important the mystic words without which the ring is useless will be emailed to you…all the important aspects of this ring will be emailed to you and is very easy…

With this ring you will become the master of powers that you cannot even imagine…

You will be able to bring anything to realities…good or bad…evill existance..curse….anything…See the Double Vajra symbols it carries with.... to blow its Lethal Energy

Please use this ring with your intellect-This is not for the inexperienced..This is Supernormal and carries the powers of the Dakini yakshini(souls) from their creepy world.

 This may not harm you or your family in any way or possess you or your home but if you use it for nefarious bad and illegal purpose then it can be a threat to you and your life and even to your loved ones…Use it for good purpose will bring you blessings  and abundance.

Some of the photo is used as entertainment and amusement purpose only.

We are decade old Power selller selling Supernormal and metaphysical items and are effective worldwide.

Please Note-  90% of my listings are copied by other sellers selling fake stuffs that are just another gimmick and dont yield any results.They dont loose anything as they sell fake products replacing with cheap online rings available in the internet as less as $5 usd and sell it for less than a 100$ usd so you see they have 90% profit with nothing to loose on their part while the gullible buyers fall in their prank believing that it will work some day but it will not.

We are old metaphysical sellers selling items that have got recognition from all over world with genuine authentic charms, talisman and paranormal stuffs rated +9.One may take kirlian photo of urstuffs to see the powerful orbs around our paranormal items we sell in our store hence it is expensive and rare available.I have warned many buyers who fall a prey to similar listings in ebay and just want to purchase as they list it as fraction of cost of the products listed in my store.If you want real genuine authentic charms and yantras that really work  based on Aghor tantras and vedic science then please dont fall a prey to such duping Sellers from India other than us like one seller 

See our feedbacks.Presently we have only one in our collection.Buy this now before this ends.Note-This must be used only as entertainment purpose and the buyer must be 18 years older to purchase this item and is sole responsible for the purchase.We will ship internationally and will take 2-4 weeks for delivery to your location.thanks


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