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The most potent money and wealth item available. Like any rare gem, the value can not be understated. It is an investment in history and your financial future. Nothing of true power can be obtained for pennies by the common man! If you wish to invest in a rare specimen that has been worshiped and tested for centuries - your opportunity has arrived. Join those in the elite ranks, that have placed their faith in the power of Lord Ganesh and Laxmi devi and been catapulted to the heights of wealth and fame!

Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi can fill your back accounts to overflowing. Achieve and exceed your goals for wealth and success. This Orgone Relic stores untold amounts of energy from Lord Ganesh and Laxmi devi.

Be prepared to receive the full mantle of abundance blessings throughout your life. You shall be inundated with waves of energy attracting money, wealth and success to you like a magnet. See a rise in your social status and be firmly fixed in a place of prominent status and respect.

We are often asked what is good for is the answer to the question! A very rare and exclusive Orgone Relic the we are able to obtain only as a result of our long standing relationship with the Ganesh temple in Banaras where the sacred Orgone Relic are kept. There are many made of unknown material. These are thought to be fragments of meteorites native to the location. There are an extremely limited number of pieces which have survived down the centuries. As you can imagine, many have been stolen or "gone missing".

The Stone Material from this amulet has been housed at the Laxmi Ganesh temple for at least a 1 year before coming to us. We directly obtained the relic from the priests. A significant donation was needed to obtain this blessing. The Relic has been under the altar and also worshiped upon the altar of this temple during special festivals and celebrations. The priest said that over the days, the relic has been used in the crown of diety idols, touched/rubbed by many pilgrims in search of freedom from poverty. The accumulated power of centuries of rituals, mantras and devotion is stored within the sacred relic.

Buyer shall receive:

The exact (AS shown In Photos) Orgone Rare Sacred Relic

The amulet should be installed facing south in your home or business
A yellow cotton cloth should be placed under the yantra
Keep a ghee or oil lamp burning near the relic
Offer incense near the relic daily
Keep rock sugar candy and dried fruits near the relic

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