High Ranking Illuminati Freemason Eye Antique Vintage Metaphysical Ring++++

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High Ranking Illuminati Freemason Eye Antique Vintage Metaphysical Ring++++

With respect to aladeenstuff clear, and stated policy about metaphysical items I wish to clearly disclose that all of the information I am sharing with you are not statements of any kind of specificity and/or guarantee to cause and effect. I am sharing with you my own professional and personal assessment of, and experiences with this rare offering. All items are being sold strictly as jewelry. All paranormal properties listed are my own professionally trained interpretation.
A museum quality relic of extreme historical importance.

This is an extremely rare opportunity.

Accept this ring in to your life and experience wealth, comfort, power, influence, and all of the very best things in life. Romance, love, comfort, and so much more. You truly can have it all. That is why items like this exist!

Being offered is a very rare, and very powerful Freemason's ring that comes directly from the highest ranks of the Illuminati, those who are the real heavy hitters, the real power Holders of the Freemasons, Skull and Bones Society, and Knights Templar – those who make up half of the Sacred Inner Circle of the New World Order!

The Highest degree Scottish 33rd Degree Minerval Grand Master Mason, and the Skull and Bones, and Knights Templar Innermost Circle Elite who created this piece I can assure you, never imagined this would end up outside of “their blood". They were quite sure that what they created was a small, "inner circle" secret that would only benefit them, those they loved, those they trusted, and it would be KEPT a close secret from person to person, family to family. That was not the case.

Here it is, available "for the taking" to transform the life of the rightful one person out there in this world who is reading this, right now, who it is destined for it, who will join in the spiritual fraternity of the elite. Are YOU ready to live the rest of your life with nothing but wealth, un-ending choices, freedom, and comfort?

From the very moment you touch this piece, you will realize you've purchased something truly extraordinary that will forever reverberate incredible power in your life.

The aggressive power of this amazing ring has been created with forces of magick and otherworldly technology known only to but a few of the most powerfully connected men of this Earth.

It contains energies only these select few men have knowledge of, let alone access to.

These are energies which draw from sources of this Earth and not, which endow the Master holder of this piece with such knowledge of mind control that most believe to be science fiction.

The ancient and highly guarded energies that actively live within this ring have been summoned and implanted using mysterious ritual magick that for 150 years has been kept secret by the most powerful and elite in our world's history, to keep their secrets completely inaccessible to anyone, regardless of what technological advancements may arise in the future.

You may not know this, most do not, but, the government of the United States possesses a memory copying technology, a medical device of sorts, which is held at an underground nuclear metropolis in Roswell, New Mexico, long before it became Area 51.

This machine accesses part of the brain that never dies, but rather, simply shuts off when one dies. This unusual technology turns it back on, like a light switch, then siphons those memories, creating a memory archive for that particular individual. This wipes the memories from their brain, so that no matter what medical, technological or metaphysical advancements may arise in the future, nobody will ever be able to access the secret information within their memories except for them.

This is encoded with the memory archives of its Illuminati Masters, the three men that made up half of the sacred inner circle of the New World Order at the time of its creation.

It holds their knowledge, secrets, feelings, things they have seen, felt, heard, done, spoken of, every lie and truth, every classified bit of juicy information, every love, every plot, cover-up, every ritual, every spell cast, every spirit conjured. This allows you to access all of their memories, giving you unlearned knowledge of all they knew – consciously and subconsciously – to use this knowledge for your own benefit.

With this ring you will gain the kind of Magick and knowledge that most people can only dream about having, such that has facilitated and secured the highest order of supreme wealth, influence, and control for centuries.

With this ring you the master will be able to access the memory archives of these men and forever change your life for the best.

You will have the power to control the minds and thoughts of others. The secrets of the ancient mystery schools, the guarded Magick of the New World Order elite at your fingertips.

Aggressively attract money, success in all aspects of life, and the abundance of unimaginable financial wealth that most spend their lives only dreaming of. May it now be endowed with absolute, explosive success in all of your endeavors, and seal all money, wealth, fortune, and success with unconditional, unbreakable, untraceable security.

Gain knowledge of and the ability to conjure and summon the spirits these men had.

Imagine, all the secret rituals this piece has witnessed, in their Lodges, the Bohemian Grove, within the guarded walls of the World's most Dominant forces!

Attain a vision in to the realms of the unseen; timeless wisdom from before time's existence.

Unlock "supernatural abilities", godly proportions, and powers of persuasion, manipulation, and mind control.

You will be generously endowed with such power and influence, there will be no one and nothing that dare stand in your way.

You will have the know-how to anyone or anything that stands in your way of wealth and success. No level of Magick will be able to hold you back in this life.

All that they knew, all that they had can be yours.

As one acclimates to this Supreme Energy, you will find that You will Attain unlearned knowledge, and enhanced supernatural accessibility to the Realms of the Unseen, and ability to communicate with the Spirit World. Your Consciousness and Awareness will expand, refining your sensitivity beyond that of other mortals.

There are no Rituals or binding spells needed once your Talisman arrives, this is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this small Magickal offering into your life, to keep it with you as much as possible, especially while sleeping and during meditation.
Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions, any concerns, if there is anything you'd like to discuss with me, ask me, share, or talk about. I'm here, and available, and I'm happy to help!


ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवी- तुवरण्यम भर- देवसयाह धीमही धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्
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