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Rapidly increase your confidence, drive, motivation, personal power, and success with this beautiful handmade artisan pendant.

This is a spell blessed metaphysical piece, hand made and cast upon by myself, and my wonderful, talented Coventry - Personal empowerment, mental strength, expansion of self, and spirit, increase your poise, confidence, increase your abilities, intelligence. Accomplish your goals, move forward from stagnancy, become what you were meant to be!

A Coven Blessed item is an item that my Coventry and I have cast large amounts of very specific, poignant energies in to. It is a vessel, an embodiment of specific, carefully formulated powers that will impact your life in a swift, tangible way.

Blessed Talisman, Amulets, Stones, and other "Good Luck Charms" existed in our world in a very profound, and real way for centuries. In today's more modern world, a "good luck charm" is nothing more than a passive novelty. That is what we have turned it in to. For countless years, from the age of the Sumerian, through to the early 1900's, real alchemists and energy workers were able to harness specific energies in to tangible items, which where then, in turn, used as a real life blessing for the bearer of said item.

This magick, this practice still exists as vibrantly today as it ever has. Having an item blessed in this manor can and will deeply impact your life for the better.

The pendant has been cast upon for the last full moon cycle. A total of 233 professional white light magick rituals have been held on to the piece. It now carries with it, and is ready to bless your life, with incredible power to increase your drive, motivation, levels of success and achievement, your personal and spiritual powers, aptitude, awareness, and abilities.

With this piece in your life you will immediately begin to feel euphoric. You will feel nearly immediate boosts in feelings of comfort, joy, calmness, and confidence. You'll feel eager, and on the verge of something life changing.

The residual effects of owning an item of this power are often that you will walk much taller, you'll feel a new level of poise that you have never experienced before.

As the pendant stays with you, and the powers build, your life will improve in countless ways - Confidence, poise, charisma, charm, the strength to succeed, and take on the world, to achieve, to be what you know you CAN be, but haven't developed in to yet.

Additionally, a question that I am often asked is something along the lines of: "If it is so powerful, why don't you keep it for yourself?" - The answer may seem strange to some, and that is that wholeheartedly believe that I was given a rare gift at birth, and I have spent my entire life, nearly 30 years, since I was a teenager, cultivating my abilities, all with one goal, and one goal only - To help others. I have tremendous passion for my fellow man, and it would be wrong of me to hoarde these items and be the sole benefactor of their immense power. I have taken an oath that states simply that my mission in life is to provide for those that need it the most, and not to be greedy, serving my fellow man, not myself.

We understand that the use of energies, spirit keeping, and "magick" in general is a little different, or even odd to most people. That is why I am always more than happy to speak with you. If you have questions please don't hesitate to write to me, and I'll respond to you as quickly as I can. If you're skeptical, if you have thoughts, anything that you may want to share, discuss, or talk with me about, I'm more than happy to do so!




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