Mathura Trishakti Temple Naga Shakti Relic Ring Powerfull

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Mathura Trishakti Temple Naga Shakti Relic Ring Powerfull

Om namo bhagavate kama ropine mahabalaya nagadhipataye swaha

Awaken the powers of Naga Shakti and become an unstoppable force!

Power is being offered to you this day; a power which you have only thought was the thing of ancient legend. Yet, there are many who truly DO possess it. The power to change their world. The power to make reality conform to your will.




Psychic Ability


Kundalini Awakening

Sexual Attraction

The Naga Shakti pendant was prepared at the Trishakti Naga temple in Mathura. The amulet contains actual naga sheds from the temple's guardian nagas. Handmade by one of the priests and energized upon the holy altar.

Simply by wearinhg the pendant with faith, your personal naga guardian will descend to protect you at all times and from all your. Celestial nagas will bless every area of your life, awaken your kundalini and unlock your hidden psychic talents.

The powers of the naga pendant will attract wealth from every avenue. You will be able to generate new sources of income and increase your wealth. The nagas will find ways to bless you with material prosperity and happiness for the rest of your life.

You will find that your natural spiritual healing abilities increase. You shall be able to intuitively find and remove energy blockages. You will be able to give healing energy to others and ward off dis-ease.

The blessings of power and influence will explode from your aura. People will be greatly attracted and attached to you. Hanging on your every word and willing to do whatsoever you ask of them. You will advance in social standing and community influence.

Naga kriyas will manifest in your subtle and physical body. The kundalini energy will safety be activated and rise up the spine to energize the head centers. Day by day, you will grow more intuitive and psychic. You will be able to use your 6th sense like never before. The 3rd eye will unfold and you shall be able to gaze into the spiritual reality that surrounds us.

Simply wear the pendant with faith or install it upon your home altar. When kept in once place, the pendant will grow stronger and stronger as the energy accumulates around it undisturbed. Spiritual (and physical) nagas will constantly bless, keep and protect the home where the pendant is installed.

We shall include, a full book on how to work with the nagas while wearing the pendant or keeping it upon the altar. Performing the given rituals while wear the pendant will yield results better than you could have imagined.

This is a one only. We have no ability to travel again to this temple in the near future.

The buyer will receive:

The exact pendant as shown

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