Two Shaligram Shila Chakra Relic Uncrossing Remove Black Magic Enemies

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Two Shaligram Shila Chakra Relic Uncrossing Remove Black Magic Enemies Copy

ॐ jai Jagadish Hare, svami jat Jagadish Hare,
bhakt janon ke sankat, shan men dur kare,
ॐ jai.........ॐ jai

This Salagram is the most effective energy you can tap into for removing ALL black magic, curses, negative energy and enemies. You can stand before your most powerful enemy and openly mock them with nothing to fear. When we say no enemy can harm you....we mean it. NOTHING can cause you harm on any level: spiritual, psychic, emotional, financial, physical, etc.

You will be TOTALLY, FULLY, COMPLELTY and PERMANENTLY shielding and protected from all nefarious acts. Defeated will be all curses, spiritual attachments, psychic parasites, demonic forces and physical enemies. End all problems before they start and eliminate current feuds. Remain unseen by your enemies and stop all plotting and gossip.

This Saligram will also act to slowly suck the power and life-force from your enemies known and unknown. If you willfully unleash the energy, it will also act to remove your enemies from the physical plane and/or cause any reactions to them you desire. But, consider well. This will be a one way street once you set the energy into motion. This is not a joke. Consider well before launching such fiery arrows upon those who oppose you.

The Earth's most potent form of magic.... Why? Salagram is divinely self-manifest energy in crystalline matrix form. These are literal spheres of unworldly energy containing ALL of the POTENCY needed to EFFORTLESSLY attain your goal.

Unlike 99% of others offering exotic “salagrams” made of m-seal resin, we directly snuck these salagrams out of Nepal's Kali Gandaki River. Educate yourself before buying. Nepal has banned the export of Salagram so it is literally IMPOSSOIBLE for sellers to offer these in any quantity with regularity.

We took great effort to get these over the border into India so that you can feel what REAL OCCULT POWER is actually like.

Be warned....these are veritable spiritual powerhouses and should be kept closed in a box when you are not offering your prayers and requests. Do not take it lightly...this is the Hindu equivalent to the Ark of the Covenant and contains powers which your mind can not adequately process nor understand.

The Salagram is ready to be placed on your sacred space and change your life. Under no circumstances should you touch or carry the Salagram more than is absolutely necessary. Simply make your requests and let the Salagram act.

If you have to ask any questions, this is not for you. Go back to rubbing oils on candles. This is for those who are ready to handle unbridled energy in its most raw and potent form!

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