Very Rare Aghori Made tantra Uncrossing Enemy Protection Evil Eye End Curses

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Very Rare Aghori Made tantra Uncrossing Enemy Protection Evil Eye End Curses

Om karala-badanam ghoram mukta-keshim chatur-bhuryam.

kalikam dakshinam dibyam munda-mala bibhushitam sadya-chinna shira kharga bama-dordha karambujam abhayam baradan-chaiba dakshina-dardha panikam"

For more extreme infestations of the Evil Eye

Removes even most powerful forms sent by witches

and mantrik

Protects all within the home and 20m in all directions Empowered with hidden mantras of Kali and Pratyangira.

Double the power of our regular amulet for deep level cases of Evil Eye and those sent by paid tantrics.

Overcomes even generational effect of Evil Eye quickly

and establishes a protective boundary.

Each day, when you come into its globe of protection, you and your love ones are cleansed of all negative vibrations picked up, attracted or sent to you during the day.

Direct blessings of protection from Kali Mata and Pratyangira Devi. Negative energy stands no chance of action against the place where this brahmin made amulet resides. Put your fears to rest once and for all and enjoy a peaceful life.

The amulet should be placed in the central most part of your home so that the sphere of protection covers the home equally. It need no be placed visibly, although we recommend you not place it on the floor

or under any object.


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